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Still Virtual Machine? No, it's time to evolve enterprise cloud. Today enterprise need is many faceted. So what is it like? Computingstack refines the enterprise cloud in 2019-2010 by reasserting the mandatory services, networking, storage, and also embrace container solution and increasingly demand for rezilient database. See how

IntOS Kubernetes Solution in Ottawa Meetup

June. 12th, 2018 21

In conjunction with event sponsors CENGN, CloudOps and WindRiver, ComputingStack shared LBAAS &K8S integration in Queens, and also demonstrated how enterprise ready kubernetes can be over IntOS solutions

Mingjun discussed load balancers through past OpenStack releases and chatted about migration to Octavia and integration with Magnum. Mingjun finished off his presentation with a demonstration of ComputingStack OpenStack load balancing as a service (LBaaS). It was also great to hear Mingjun professional journey working with open source in both small enterprises and large multinationals, like Huawei.

The event has gained signifcant attention from cloud industry, and event in the media, see CENGN report

The material is avilable for Download PPT

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