Cloud Jurisdiction and Security , Vancouver OpenStack Summit

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Cloud Jurisdiction and Security , Vancouver OpenStack Summit

May. 28th 2018 21

Our advisor Steve Woodward took a privilege to talk about the journey of IntOS from Standard to Open Source, then to real implementations.
The complex hybrid-cloud computing eco-system has significant challenges pertaining to data jurisdiction compliance across regions.

During the summit, Steven shared the conceptual models of ISO/IEC, in conjunction with an OpenStack edition development of IntOS by ComputingStack, to clarify data jurisdiction considerations, and create a mapping to today’s OpenStack implementations of Cinder, Glance, Swift and Nova. These can be used as a foundation to help describe the requirements for Cinder and Swift storage, process and in-transit concerning Nova and identify the opportunity to improve. This helps reduce rework, providing transparency and security pertaining to the data that is being acted upon in what jurisdictions

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