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Computingstack Uniview™ OpenStack Frontend Solutions

Enjoy OpenStack Cloud as we do? Yes! Ok, this might be right place for you! Openstack unleashes the maximum potential for business and everything has been so great, however there is shortcoming. As the nature of open source to be public facing and enterprise grade frontend solutions have never been easy. ComputingStack OpenStack Portal, as the organnic extension of Open Source is right positioned to provide industry consistency, modern cloud experience, low cost and minimal time to market of last mile of engineering for open source of OpenStack.

Uniview Cloud Portal has been incubated over various customer demands of modern cloud portal including Public Facing, Self Service, High Secure and superb performance. Performance and security have been the major consideration along entire development journey. With generic OpenStack API call, Intos Cloud Portal is compatible with all major OpenStack distro, IBM(Redhat) , RDO, Kolla, Ubuntu etc.

Releases and highlights

Why Computingstack Uniview™?

Uniview has come into being with deep understanding of a decade long about how OpenStack fits into cloud industry of Open Sources!

From "UP and Run" towards Industry Leading Cloud

OpenStack up and run has been fairly easy over last a few years industry efforts. However from up and run, toward a high end cloud such as AWS/Azure, a cloud over open source can be anywhere with different strategies of integration. Intos Portal is missioned to provide industry most organic integration suite to help open source clouds to match user experience expectation, which has been set high by leading public clouds. Immersive user experience, enriched comprehensive service offerings by one pane, everything just one click away, and a seamless user interface are imperative. Thatís what Intos portal integration is laid out to help.
Intos Portal is designed to perfectly tackle the challenges of integration by providing a way of branding your business, controlling how you want your infrastructure to be consumed, and one pane of glass of possibly numerous backend integrations, or just simply skipping many of those.
Intos Cloud Portal is seamlessly integrated with cloud monitoring to provide one-stop experience, as the only solution in the industry to provide such an experience. Thin implementation gets rid of all lengthy requirements of such as Grafana etc of the 3rd party systems. Tenancy compute CPU, Ram, Disk and Network monitoring are just one click away. Besides monitoring, integrated Kubernetes dashboard provides users the best observability of 360 degree of clusters, nodes, pods, containers, configurations and services.

Security Utilities to Meet High End Infrastructure Needs

Intos Cloud Portal implements various security features out of box, such as utility of MFA, utility of disposable user credential, full encryption, security challenge questions etc., so your customers can stay safe.
With its implementation, Intos Cloud Portal has no major static data besides billing, rather delegating as much possible data management to security allotted Keystone. Intos Cloud Portal is positioned as a portal solution and maintains only interim data for self-service and user enrollment. Everything will be universally authenticated against Keystone. The security framework is built over organic part of OpenStack overall security by providing a data driven configuration with zero coding including project, user, group, roles, API policy compliance etc. Portal implements seamless MFA utility to integrate with Keystone, so admin and user can be just one click away to bind or remove MFA devices.

Operation Easy

Plug and play with major OpenStack distros so you can install Intos Portal with a few configurations to bring up a docker service instantly. There are only minimal requirements of your current set up, through data setting with no complex configuration. For advanced features, the user can also have a progressive way of enabling the full spectrum of features such as customized user management, user recruiting, self-service, branding, and billing. The portal is distributed as dockerized image, so that a user can instantly get it up and run. Only 2 steps of installation would have turned your OpenStack infrastructures into a sense of Public Cloud

Computingstack Frontend only require generic API from Openstack backends. All the best desired features such as Billing, Kubernetes Dashboard, Security, User Enrollement will be just a click way.

Public Facing and Enterprise Ready Features

Intos Cloud Portal is designed to be suitable for public facing with high security measures, personalized themes, enterprise user management (creating, inviting, deleting and editing), seamless integrated monitoring.
The comprehensive API and UI implementation make it possible to be the only console an end user would need to accomplish the majority of needs for consuming a modern cloud. Intos Cloud Portal is aligned with user expectations on resource creation wizard and other modern features such as drag and drop to be user intuitive. The processes are organized to be user centralized, instead of technology grouping. With Intos Portal, Openstack cloud has the possibility of delivering an experience for Openstack-powered on premise clouds to match with those of leading public clouds in a consistent way at considerably low cost.

Enterprise Ready

  • Full security suite to meet an enterprise need
  • Industry best emersive user experiences to match up that of major clouds such as AWS and Azure
  • Comprehensive dashboards to support administrator, tenant, kubernetes, ceph, billing and others
  • Rating and monthly bill generation out of box, at zero no hassle for charge back. Full spectrum of OpenStack resource charging item

Install and Operation at ease

  • IntOS Portal is out of box compatible with all major OpenStack Editions: RedHat, Suse, Ubuntu etc
  • Plug and Play with only a few credentials
  • Scalable to large user base with simple horizontal node adding
  • Docker image built, docker-compose and helm chart pre-built to promptly deploy

Highly Customizable

  • Rebranding of Logo, Title and descriptions
  • Billing Solution and Payment Solution
  • Customized VM managements: You control how you cloud is being used

Function Highlights

  • Compute Instance Life-cycle Managements
  • OpenStack Object Storage
  • OpenStack Block Storage
  • Kubernetes Engine by Magnum
  • Native Kubernetes Dashbaord for Best Observability
  • Workload Orchestration by Heat
  • Load Balancer by Octavia
  • Customer Enrollment
  • Rating and Billing
  • Identify and Access Management

Service and Support

  • Free edition to meet most basic or small customer needs
  • Customization Services at your disposal
  • Customization Package 1: Logo, Look and Feel, Dedicated Image
  • Customization Package 2: Customized VM Creation: region, volume or image enriched features
  • Customization Package 3: Package 1, customized IAM user management
  • Customization Package 4: Billing and Payment Customization
  • Customization Package 5: Advanced Service Support and Integration: Kubernetes, Load Balancer, Database as a service etc
  • Customization Package 6: Security Improvement per enterprise need, MFA, Role Design, Token optimization

Uniview Sign in

Univew Dashboard

Instance Views

VM create wizard

Stand up Kubernetes

Kubernetes Dashboard

Object Store Console

MFA and utilities

Standard vs Enterprise Editions

Uniview Cloud Portal has two editions released at the same time, one is standard edition and another is targeted for more complex enterprise cloud. They share the same base code and framework. Computingstack promises feature release and free availability through docker hub all the time, and enterprise edition will be delivered on-demand with possibly customizations.

Standard edition has all necessary features and only difference is high complex monitoring etc, hence it is not seen feature comprise in general.

Below is a brief comparison

Sub-itemsStandard EditionEnterprise Edition
Nova, Cinder, Glance, Neutron, Ceilometer
Mutli-tenants Cloud Monitoring
Mutli-tenants Alarming
Ceph Monitoring
Kubernetes Dashboard
CloudKitty Rating
User Self-service Portal Rebranding(Theme and logo etc)
User Management Utility(User registration, Email notification)
Hypervisor No# Limit<=2Unlimited
Swift/Ceph RADOSGW Object Container Limit10Unlimited
License Serialization KeyNo needRequired

Get Started with NEW Standard Edition since August 2022

Uniview OpenStack Frontend standard edition shares the same code base and release schedule as Enterprise edition, but has certain limitation of cloud capacity! See the details at above comparisons!
It is accessible to public at no cost without license grant or other constraints! The distribution is in the form of container at docker hub. Free edition has all the up to date features and is aligned with latest development. Computingstack compiles the question and install guides as needed based on deployment and user interactions. Click below 'Get started' to get your artifact to turn your infrastructure instantly to a public sense cloud!
For those advanced requirements, such as Cloud portal consulting, Customizations, Security improvement, VM deployment process customization, Branding etc Computingstack has Premium Support Service available with a support range from 1K+. For the details, please contact

Get Univew install user space for automation, configuration, discussion and comments Github

Free trial is available at Trial

Get Started with Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition requires the same installing process and artifacts as the standard edition does. A pre-built image is on-demand available by accessing Computingstack private repository. Please drop us a message to share the accessibility to your docker id. If you don't have docker id, please go to here to create

Enterprise Edition can come along with certain customizations, and a dedicated image will be provided. For the detail, kindly message us. Thank you!

Get Univew install user space for automation, configuration, discussion and comments Github

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