Value Added By In-place cloud manager and software defined storage

ComputingStack provides end2end turn key solution for OpenStack based Cloud. Beside IntOS OpenStack Edition, IntOS solutions also include the cutting edge monitoring system IntOS Cloud Manager, to support 24x7 on call operation as a tool to achieve the best availability, as well the full insights of your network: performance, consumption. And also they provide a production ready Software Defined Storage by Ceph. With IntOS OpenStack, IntOS Cloud Manager and IntOS Ceph Software Defined Storage, it's proven possible to instantly build modern cloud ready for on call operations from commodity hardwares.

IntOS Cloud Manager

End2end cloud monitoring across hardware hyper-visor and major services

Intos Cloud Manager is computingStack integration framework, which assemblies a choice of OpenNMS, Nagios, Zabbix and various Office systems such as Email, Slack, Wechat, SMS, PadgerDuty on customer choice

  • Right balance of complexity and easy to use for SME enterprise Data Centre
  • Seamlessly integration with Host Rack, hyper-visor, storage cluster, and all OpenStack daemons
  • Standard SNMP or user-defined HTTP protocol
  • Integration with modern office communication systems
  • Real time alerting for system failures(1 minute to 10 minutes configurable)
  • Support 24x7 on call operations
  • Optional Zabbix and Kibana based dashboard for performance view
  • ComputingStack provide instant provisioning for all features above
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IntOS Ceph Software Defined Storage

(Architecture diagram from Ceph Community)

ComputingStack provides support of Ceph based software defined storage, to help customer take the advantage of cutting edge storage technologies.

  • Instantly provisioning enterprise grade storage cluster
  • Seamlessly integration with IntOS OpenStack
  • Ansible provisioning scripts
  • Commodity hard wares drives
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IntOS SDN Controller integration (coming soon)

OpenDayLight integration framework

IntOS is developing and will come up soon a seamless integration of IntOS OpenStack with OpenDayLight SDN controller, to best manage tenant network, network controlling across physical WAN and DC Fabric. Please kindly watch out news on!

  • Programmable network optimization for particular workload, such as NFV and Big data
  • Across physical and virtual network controller for best customer experience
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