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Still Virtual Machine? No, it's time to evolve enterprise cloud. Today enterprise need is many faceted. So what is it like? Computingstack refines the enterprise cloud in 2019-2010 by reasserting the mandatory services, networking, storage, and also embrace container solution and increasingly demand for rezilient database. See how

ComputingStack refines next generation enterprise Cloud

Nov, 2019 21

With driver of container, security, AI, it is time to evolve legacy enterprise cloud. Though wide customer engagements, Computingstack has increasingly seen the gap of traditional VM oriented cloud to meet today's various business requirements.

With efforts, Computingstack has formed our own concept as what a modern enterprise cloud is defined:
  • Traditional compute service including both Linux and Windows VM
  • Software defined storage solutions, which include
    • Bulk storage solution or volume service
    • Software defined object storage like AWS S3
    • Software defined SAN
  • Software Defined Networking
    • VLAN
    • VxLAN
    • Load Balancer as a service
    • Portable Static IP management
    • Optinal SDN Controller
    • Other optional service, such as VPN
  • Database as a service, as a high resilient data service to meet business goal
  • Container and Container Orchestration service of Kubernetes
  • Centralized Logging service
  • Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring and Alerting Service
ComputingStack has been working with international communities to drive a concise open provisioning to instantly stand up such a cloud. Stay tuned for the coming updates!

Posted by: Computingstack admin

ComputingStack Embraces both Kolla-Ansible and IntOS from Stein

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Comutingstack now embraces the production ready container based OpenStack offering tool - Kolla Ansible.

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IntOS Rocky Preview becomes available

Aug 30th 2018 21

ComputingStack has been the only business in Canada having capability of evolving itself to up to date version with no time.

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IntOS Kubernetes Solution in Ottawa Meetup

Jun 12th, 2018 21

In conjunction with CENGN, CloudOps and WindRiver, ComputingStack shared communities with LBaaS &K8SaaS

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Cloud Jurisdiction and Security , Vancouver OpenStack Summit

May. 28th 2018 21

Our advisor Steve Woodward took a privilege to talk about the journey of IntOS from Standard to Open Source, then to real implementations

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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