Pricing Model and SLA

IntOS Solutions have offers for both solution providers and service providers (Cloud User).

For service providers, with IntOS solution and services designed, OpenStack Cloud becomes even easier to maintain than other cloud technologies, such as VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V. Our client has the option to use their dedicated administrator or even partly committed administrator with average Linux skillset to maintain IntOS OpenStack cloud. This way will help client to maximally save COPEX and have all burdensome part to ComputingStack specialized professional service team. We call this business model as Level 1.5 support. ComputingStack provides the second option as well as Managed Service for more complicated cloud, as known as as level L1.5 support. In both options, all failure and accident alerts will be sent to ComputingStack to take timely reaction.

For cloud solution providers, ComputingStack has an offer as IntOS consulting and software edition, in which client has the full access to our codes base. For those business who want to quickly speed up to own a comprehensive solution without ground work, our training and R&D consulting will help to build such capability and our code base can be an excellent foundation. One major benefit is that client can expedite their r&d process to reduce time to market. Rather than in a common sense, 2-3 years ground work and a decent senior engineering team are needed to develop and mature a modern cloud solution.

Then how can our services realize this? In order to reduce the high cost of operating an OpenStack cloud, we have the most reasonable labor division between client and ComputingStack service team, and come up a series SLA to the process straight:

For client dedicated administrator and ComputingStack Tier 2 Service, the following services are designed:

IntOS Edition Transfer

500K$ or up one off
  • Solution provider targeted
  • 1-3 Month On-site training
  • Full access to the codes base
  • 1 Year R&D remote support and consulting
  • Expedite your cloud business to leading level
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IntOS Cloud + L1.5 SupportRecommanded

40K$ or up design/install $1200 per node anually L1.5 Support
  • Service provider targeted
  • Design and Install
  • All alerts following
  • 2nd responder upon escalation
  • Upgrading, Host Failure, DR
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IntOS Cloud+L1 Support

>36K$ or up design/install 3600 per node annually with L1 Support
  • Service provider targeted
  • Design and Install
  • All alerts following
  • 1st responder to alerts
  • Full service
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Minimal requirements for a client designated administrator: