Ceph Powered Software Defined Storage and a series tools by ComputingStack

Software Defined Storage a.k.a VSAN

IntOS VSAN is Software Defined Storaqe solution by ComputingStack. IntOS VSAN enables customer to seamlessly extend virtualization to storage, creating a hyper-converged solution that simply works with your existing hardware platforms, commodity hardware or storage intensive chassis. Hyper-converged deployment will give customer flexibility to make full use of drive chassis of compute server to compose an even higher performance Storage Area Network, rather than a traditional way of procuring pricy commercial SAN. With IntOS VSAN, even storage intensive chassis becomes optional since compute nodes will be sufficiently used to provide drive tray space. For a typical server rack with Dell R610 compute node, each node can contribute up to 10TB storage to VSAN. However, the scalability and data resiliency achieved by SDx, bring sustainability to the business than traditional storage solution.

IntOS VSAN is powered by Ceph, the de facto standard of enterprise storage solution of today. As standard architecture, however ComputingStack allows the possibility of supporting Infiniband as well RDMA over Ethernet technology.

IntOS Luminous Features:

  • A ceph graphical operation UI, you've never seen
  • Bluestore, a twice as fast as FileStore technologies
  • IntOS monitoring enhancements
  • Disaster Recovery support, a permanent worry-free for data loss

Architecture View

Wide spectrum of Hardware Compatibility

  • Hardware on customer's choice
  • Support legacy servers: as low as due core servers, 8G RAM, 1-2 NICs
  • Customer's choice of using SSD, HDD, 1G, 10G network
  • Without SSD, with one SSD per server or PURE SSDs solutions to provide different performance SAN

Wide Applications support

  • OpenStack ephemeral disk
  • OpenStack Object Storage
  • OpenStack Block Storage
  • Windows/Linux iSCSI block storage
  • Enterprise NAS File System

Scalability and Availability

  • Instantly scale up
  • 3 nodes minimal and progressively grow up to hundred servers to join the pool
  • Up to PB capacity
  • 1 to 3 replica of data storage to meet varying data availability requirements
  • Chassis and rack aware to avoid SPF of tray, service and rack
  • Disaster Recovery solution seamlessly in place with OpenStack

Service and Support

  • Hardware compatibility consultancies
  • Onsite Support and Provisioning
  • Life-cycle remote support and on-demand onsite support
  • Optional: onsite support in first three months and training
  • Optional:managed service and Hosted service model