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Intos Cloud Portal Release Notes

2021-october Release Notes(comming soon)


2021-september Release Notes(The current)

  • Swift object downloading protocol optimization for super large object
  • Now user can download super large object through portal with full peace of mind, transparently, responsively and securely. What you see is what you get!

  • Kubernetes dashboard performance improvement
  • The landing page changes to have user to select clusters before loading workload, service and other kuberntes objects, to accommodate use cases of large number of clusters user can access

  • Instance detail UI improvement
  • Select to display window can show more conveniently enriched, grouped user oriented information details

  • Admin dashboard improvement, and bug fixes etc

  • 2021-august Release Notes

  • Swift Object Store protocol optimization for super large object uploading
  • Users now experience more controlled process for large object uploading through Intos UI after the process and protocol overhauls, such as all real time, speed and progress clarity. The drag and drop on combined folders and individual files become even easier too.

  • User and Project Management management
  • Admin users can just click to enable or disable projects and users.

  • Newly added admin dashboard and capacity management
  • Admin users have convenience of capacity management now. Hypervisor, Block storage and other Bare-metal level details can be queried and grouped to display. Basic operations at baremetal level are possible too over Intos UI.

  • Progress on multiple languages support and other bug fixies etc

  • 2021-july Release Notes

  • Static route on Router
  • On router, now user can manage static route, such as adding new route, removing existing route.

  • Search function improved
  • The search button has been enhanced across all console pages with more sophisticated view and experience.

  • Kubernetes Object Search and Filtering
  • User can filter out object views per cluster, per namespace or per both

  • Other bug fixies etc

  • 2021-june Release Notes

  • Express VM creation support
  • In Virtual Machine creation, now user can have a short cut to skip optional steps to review and submit to create VM. When multiple networks exist, the VM creation with auto network may fail.

  • Keystone Group Management
  • In this version of Intos Portal, user can conduct daily operation of GROUP, such as create, edit and delete.

  • Kubernetes Node Cordon
  • User now can cordon and uncordon a node conveniently at Intos Portal, so that user has flexibility of enabling or disabling node schedulability.

  • Other bug fixies etc
  • User Profile has been more accurate, and nova tenant VM memory metric graphical etc

    2021-may Release Notes

  • Native Kubernetes Dashboard first release
  • Now user can browse kubernetes node, deployments, configurations and services etc with one click. User has also options (still limited) to edit attributes of pod, deployment etc then save to apply without kubectl and credential environment to setup.

    2020-jan Release Notes

    First release of Intos Cloud Portal becomes downloadable to the public

  • Virtual Machine Service and CRUD
  • User has a experience boosted process of creating OpenStack VM, comprehensive, one pane of glass and error-free

  • Block storage, Swift Object Store CRUD with one click to go experience
  • Volume creation, deletion, editing and security utilities; Container and object CRUD with drag and drop

  • Full network administration and user self-service are supported
  • User can just one click create, delete and edit network, subnet, port, security group, routers, floating IP and all other network objects

  • Integrated Tenant Metric and Monitoring
  • The world only known seamless integrated solution, so a user would have tenant monitoring graphic views by only a click away. CPU, Memory, Disk and Network and more

  • Public Cloud alike and Enterprise oriented user management, enrolling etc
  • User can automatically register and create an account at OpenStack Cloud. Email notification and other on-demand communications are supported