IntOS OpenStack Installer

Agile and capable with zero 3rd parties dependencies to meet all an Enterprise Cloud needs

OpenStack Installer by Computingstack

Even though recently Computingstack shifted the focus toward OpenStack frontend solutions, however that doesn't hide the shining of our installer of OpenStack backend solutions.

IntOS is the OpenStack Enterprise Edition by fully developed from ground up within ComputingStack. Based on the standard upstream code repository of OpenStack, IntOS has been significantly improved with high availability, usability and operability. For example, through a variety of high complex technologies, IntOS easily supports a deployment with NSPF with selectively active/active or active/inactive mode to achieve 99.99% availability. Another advanced features by IntOS is its dual User Interfaces, one of which is the standard UI by OpenStack community, and the other one has been developed by ComputingStack to provide more intuitive guides and user oriented experience, so that a non-technical personnel is possible to confidently operate on cloud. The customized UI has some in place features to enable public cloud experience, such as metering, self-registration and on-demand billing. Other features of IntOS OpenStack include an e2e framework of monitoring across physical host, storage to the core processes of OpenStack itself, so that operator can have a tailored monitoring right for DC workload to save a lot of hassles.

IntOS Xena is considerable stable, and we are maintaining all previous release back to Pike. With advanced automation technologies including PXE Boot and Ansible, IntOS takes hours to provision a fully ready enterprise data center from bare metal.

Learn how end2end cloud solutions are achieved by IntOS valued added offerings

Major Computing Servers

  • Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server
  • Major Linux Servers
  • Optional:Big Data as a Service of Hadoop, Spark, Storm and other
  • Optional:Data base as a Service, Mysql, Cassandra, MongoDB
  • Optional:Firewall as a service
  • Optional:Loadblance as a service
  • Optional:Docker as a Service


  • Heat based work load automation and orchestration
  • Ceilometer based customer consumption metering
  • Multiple Tennacies Segregation and Isolation
  • Standard OpenStack UI
  • Optional: Customized UI for non-technical user and executive dashboard

Major Storage Supports

  • Cinder Volume Storage
  • Swift Object Storage
  • Commercial SAN
  • Optional: Ceph Software Defined Storage

High Availability

  • 99.99% Availability
  • No Single Point Failure deployments
  • Plug and Play of Rack Server into controller Cluster
  • Plug and Play of Storage Drive


  • In-place Monitoring framework cut for OpenStack
  • Nagios seamless Integration
  • OpenNMS seamless Integration
  • Office System Integration: Email, Slack, PadgerDuty

Major Networking Support

  • VLAN
  • Floating IP
  • Distributed Router

Service and Support

  • Hardware compatibility consultancies
  • Overall data center design: Hardware, Software, Networking, Storage, Performance and Capacity
  • Free Trial Project for a small and and Medium Cloud
  • Onsite Support and Provisioning
  • Life-cycle remote support and on-demand onsite support
  • Optional: onsite support in first three months and training
  • Optional:managed service and Hosted service model

Why us

Leading technologies and capabilities

The known only Canadian OpenStack distro. All efforts are rooted in the profound understanding of China and North American markets. We have been passionate in contributing cloud technologies to the community and believe in openness. High availability is the cornerstone of all our solution portfolios and we ensure itís always over engineered.

A mission to make cloud technologies greatly accessible to all

With profound understanding of the industry, we are persistent and are committed to provide easy to use and reliable Openstack integration edition to reduce OpenStack adoption complexity. With an advantage of full ownership of PR, and zero outsourcing, we have been possible to provide the full data center technologies from group up. And we have been seeing that many small and medium businesses now can access world-class cloud computing service with significantly low cost. Flexible supports such as onsite and remote support, personnel training etc are possible to further reduce operational cost.

Standard, Open and Sustainability

Data Center with IntOS will run the standard and open codes as the core, with our loosely coupled management UI, intuitive and easy to use provisioning tools. ComputingStack long terms vision in cloud computing will ensure we can well support your whatever future technologies such as big data or Docker container.