IntOS Kubernetes

A click away to provision, manage your high secure, high avaialble and high scalable Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes, a user experience oriented container solution

IntOS Kubernetes is an end2end solution with kubernetes core, external load balancer integration and the secret management. by ComputingStack. It's designed for those business with an OpenStack powered cloud to seamlessly run secure, business ready docker applications at PaaS level.

Learn how end2end kubernetes solutions are achieved with IntOS solution suite see a Presentation

All you need of enterprise kubernetes adoption

  • Seamlessly Integrated Load balancer Integration
  • Seamlessly Integrated Secret Management solution Integration
  • Seamlessly Storage Solution Integrated
  • All modern features of a Kubernetes application: Registry, Version

User Experience Oriented

  • Instantly spin up, scale up/down your cluster
  • Unlimited scale up