Ceph Powered Software Defined Storage and a series tools by ComputingStack

360 Degree Cloud Monitoring

Intos Cloud Manager is ComputingStack monitoring integration framework, which provides 360 degree insights monitoring across heterogeneous resources. With IntOS Manager, the human intervention as the last resort to failure can be triggered in a timely manner by 1 or a couple minutes. Architecturally IntOS Cloud Manager consists of a cloud dispatcher and a few open source software mediators of OpenNMS, Nagios, Zabbix and various Office systems such as Email, Slack, Wechat, SMS, PadgerDuty on customer choice. IntOS Cloud Manager features its native support for 7x24 hours on call operation, real time failure alerting, seamless integration with office systems of customer choice, and executive dashboards.

IntOS Cloud Manager is proven the edge tool to enable all the way to cloud readiness from bare metal.

IntOS Monitoring new release is improved with:

  • Customizable and on-demand bind with communication channel: Email, PagerDuty, Slack, Wechat as customer want
  • Multiple monitoring at different level to achieve sufficient redundancies
  • Hyper-Converged Compute node monitoring improvements

Architecture View

ComputingStack provide instant provisioning for all features below:

Cut for Enterprise Cloud Workload

  • Right balance of complexity and easy to use for SME enterprise Data Centre
  • Technical customizable dashboard for RAM/CPU/Failures and other metrics
  • Seamlessly monitoring from bare-metal to all cloud system daemons


  • Easy to integrate: Standard SNMP or user-defined HTTP protocol
  • Real time alerting for system failures(1 minute to 10 minutes configurable)
  • Integration with one or multip office systems on customer choice: Wechat, PagerDuty, SNS, Email
  • Support 24x7 on call operations