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Quick demo and preview Intos Portal

OpenStack Enterprise Cloud Portal

IntOS Portal is a comprehensive enterprise OpenStack Portal plus the various integrations aiming to provide users a boosted user experience to be secure, intuitive, easy to use so that matching up leading public clouds such as AWS and Azure, and in the meanwhile deliver unbeaten agility and TCO to the business than known major solutions. Innovative, Unique and Sophisticated, so are the solutions made to be by about 100K line of codes, crafted by ComputingStack team in conjunction with industry leading partners across years efforts.

Intos Portal is regarded by the industry experts as the best portal solution in the OpenStack ecosystem within the known spectrum and is often relied on to build premium cloud in the sectors of Financial, Government, Medical and etc.

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Professional Services

Services by ComputingStack are built over foundation both community offering such as Kolla/Ansible or enterprise offering of IntOS OpenStack. Our primary services includes OpenStack Cloud Implementation and Strategy and architecture consulting, DevSecOps, training, hands-on Cloud Provisioning, and Management Service.

ComputingStack supports Cloud Monetization Service for those already OpenStack Cloud User, such as highly customizable Enterprise Portal, Billing and IAM. .

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OpenStack Enterprise Portal

Intos Cloud Portal is a universal Cloud Portal compatible with all main OpenStack distros, Redhat, Kolla Ansible, IntOS and others. In contrast with upstream Horizon, it features high performance through significant API optimization, public facing suitable with self-user enrollment, easy and intuitive, custom enterprise business embedding, seamless integration. It's fully functioning when Horizon doesn't for advanced service, such as K8s and RDS.

IntOS Manager is proven to be cutting edge tools for cloud in scale

IntOS OpenStack

IntOS OpenStack is the OpenStack Edition by ComputingStack and as well the foundation of IntOS solutions suite.

It features hours to deploy enterprise grade OpenStack, and having been built over a fully tested and self-maintained Git repository to deploy bug free OpenStack. IntOS OpenStack is seamlessly integrated with our IntOS VSAN, HA artifacts and IntOS Cloud Monitoring to ensure an enterprise ready solution.

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IntOS VSAN is designed to be the edge tool for all applications about data in an enterprise.

It features high scalability to scale it self from minimal 3 nodes, to hundreds and more. The quorum and >=3 data replicas provide the best resiliency of data and self-healing mechanism. ComputingStack provides full set of tools for provisioning and operating such a storage cluster to ensure the reliability, usability and sustainability and disaster recovery from day one.

What We Do

ComputingStack is a development and engineering focused business. We contribute to upstream Open Source, create our own package and deliver the services of those to enterprise user for those data and cloud solution. In meanwhile we partner up with solution providers to accelerate their solution portfolios

IntOS Package Development

Constantly contributes to OpenStack, Ceph etc, and develops a enterprise ready package to end customer

IntOS Edition Resell

Provides the package and professional services needed to ensure customers have the capacity to master OpenStack Cloud.

Private Cloud Designs and Implementations

Gathers requirements, translate into architecture then hands-on implements the cloud.

Tier 1 Managed Service

ComputingStack has been teamed up to provide layer 1 service for those businesses who want to be focused on their core core business and have peace of mind of infrastructure. Because of specialization, a hassle-free cloud becomes possible.

Tier 2 Managed Service

For those business who has their team, ComputingStack will fall back to provide layer 2 support, such as major upgrading, critical accident recovery etc over IntOS portfolio.

Hybrid and Public Cloud Services

The public cloud services include Hosted managed service, automation and architecture consultancy, migration strategy and security etc. Contact us for the details!

What our clients say of IntOS

Need a reference? Here is how our clients say of us.

“If you’re looking for reliable Cloud, look no further. We has been impressed for the reliability of setup by computingStack in our IDC, Henan, China ”

Anonymous customer A

“IntOS has proven its adaptability and flexibility by being installed in our heterogeneous hardware, small or big, standard or non-standard, mobile or on a rack, all possible! ”

Anonymous customer B

“The design of our cloud by ComputingStack has been proven to just right, just a good fit to our networking facility and storage requirements”

Anonymous customer C

Latest updates

IntOS in the media and all about insights for a smooth cloud operation

Intos Portal is powered with Native Kubernetes Dashboard now

June, 2021 5

Computingstack just released may-2021 and june-2021 editions of enterprise portal with a significant addon, the kubernetes native dashboard, a rarely available "Expensive" solution in the industry! Through the new dashboard, Openstack user will be enabled with best observability of their Kubernetes clusters and workloads with just a click away. The console also provides user the possibility of editing and saving changes of the Kubernetes objects, nodes, pods, deployments configurations, services and etc.

Posted by: Computingstack admin

IntOS Enterprise Portal is formally released for trial

June, 2021 5

To fill a gap of OpenStack Cloud adoption, Computingstack has come up an Enterprise Cloud Portal. In contrast with Horizon, the upstream OpenStack UI, IntOS Enterprise Cloud Portal features.

Posted by: Computingstack admin

ComputingStack redefines next generation enterprise Cloud

Jan, 2020 21

With driver of container, security, AI, it is time to evolve legacy enterprise cloud. Along with, Computingstack has seen the gap of traditional VM oriented cloud to meet today's various business requirements and worked on evolving to container oriented cloud

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ComputingStack Embraces both Kolla-Ansible and IntOS from Stein

Aug. 22th, 2019 21

Comutingstack now embraces the production ready container based OpenStack offering tool - Kolla Ansible.

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