In open source era, a handful of people can delivery even better solution when it used to be possible only by over-staffed IT giants. In the open source ecosystem, SIZE is not an important, or even simply not a factor at all. The core values of big IT giants like Microsoft, VMware, HP, Redhat are on their calibre in coming up a sound software framework. Whereas in Open Source era, this is SHARED to all. The spirit of open source is in favour of benefiting community. When super IT giants today still tend to raise the bar, small business has the best nature to make it affordable and accessible to all. Right people, right business model and best agility are our beliefs in order to succeed.

We turn those beliefs into real!


Our vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.


The mission of ComputingStack is to improve accessibility and reduce the complexity of world class cloud technologies, and eventually promote an affordable cloud services. Cloud is a big topic, however ComputingStack has been aware that Open Source has changed the landscape which makes it possible for small and medium business to provide even better world class cloud service, when in previous decade it used to be dominated by only a few IT giants. We believe that the today enterprises is not necessary to pay a hefty bill to access world class cloud service. However this is not straightforward. ComputingStack has invested on and found all the way to be there with recent releases of its own OpenStack edition: IntOS OpenStack, plus IntOS Storage, IntOS Cloud Management and a few other initiatives on the way.

Rooted in Ottawa, A.K.A. Silicon Valley North

As Canada s largest Technology Park and a vibrant technology hub, Kanata North in Ottawa has long been recognized as a hotbed of technology innovation. ComputingStack, as known 4gOSS Technologies Inc in Canada Capital Regions of Ottawa/Gatineau, has gained tremendous benefits from this North America innovation hub, and well bridged to high IT giants like CISCO, Ciena, Mitel, Huawei..

Who we are

ComputingStack is founded by people with extensive background of leading cloud research and architecting in such as Huawei, Ciena, Mitel and Cisco, across a wide range of cloud technologies of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, SDN, Software Defined Storage, Hight Availability etc, with major cloud ecosystems such as OpenStack, VMware, Hyper-V etc. The core founders have started OpenStack engagements and been an advocate of OpenStack adoption since day one when OpenStack was announced open source, and have significantly contributed poc of SDN in OpenStack, research of OpenStack Provisioning, NFV formation over OpenStack, High Availability implementations and Software Defined Storage. Those long terms engagements and prior pursuits have given ComputingStack the acumen in understanding the pain of industry and as well the momentum of OpenStack itself.