IntOS, an Enterprise Data Center Solution Suite

  • The lowest maintenance cost cloud with IntOS solutions and Level 1.5 service portfolio, see how
  • All features an enterprise cloud needs by IntOS: Compute, Networking, Storage, Container, Big Data, Disaster Recovery and Enterprise Grade High Availability
  • Three corner stones over IntOS OpenStack, IntOS VSAN, IntOS Cloud Manager

News | 2018-03-13

Pleased to announce the both speech proposals to OpenSack Summit in Vancouver with support of ComputingStack have been elected! Don't miss our talks on Edge Computing and Cloud Data Sovereignty in Vancouver!

News | 2018-03-05

IntOS Queens Version is released in Mar, 2018, shortly after the upstream Queens in OpenStack Community is frozen. This is also an example of how Agile IntOS is to keep aligned with the industry

News | 2018-02-05

OpenStack CFP is Open. We want you support on our proposal. Go and please have your vote casted!

News | 2017-10-31

IntOS OpenStack Pike and Ceph Luminous are just released! See all about container and cool storage UI, you've never seen before


  IntOS OpenStack

IntOS OpenStack is the OpenStack Edition by ComputingStack and as well the foundation of IntOS solutions suite.

It features ten's minutes to deploy enterprise grade OpenStack, and having been built over a fully tested and self-maintained Git repository to deploy bug free OpenStack. A significant differentiator is our spirits on HA, so over-engineered features on reliability are guaranteed. IntOS developments have been based on our advanced packaging technologies and deep understanding of OpenStack.

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IntOS VSAN is designed to be the edge tool for all applications about data in an enterprise.

It features high scalability to have worry free for the support of business grow. Eventually from minimal node number, it supports progressively to dozens or hundreds nodes with a command. The quorum and >=3 data replicas provide the best resiliency of data and self-healing mechanism. ComputingStack provides full set of tools for provisioning and operating such a storage cluster to ensure the reliability, usability and sustainability from day one. The elaborate design of disaster recovery makes it a best choice for financial and government cloud base.


  IntOS Cloud Manager

Intos Cloud Manager is ComputingStack monitoring integration framework, which provides 360 degree insights monitoring across heterogeneous resources. With IntOS Manager, the human intervention as the last resort to failure can be triggered in a timely manner by 1 or a couple minutes.

IntOS Manager is proven to be one major cornerstone to make cloud operation ready


  IntOS Cloud UI

The intuitive GUI makes it possible for a non-professional to confidently operate on cloud. The UI is providing customer the experiences of public cloud, such as that cloud operator can manager user, enrolment process etc in a public cloud way. In the meanwhile, this cloud UI provides billing query and management details etc.

Date Center Turn-key Project

We are committed to building operation ready Cloud with the best technologies!

  • IntOS OpenStack, ten's minutes to deploy enterprise grade OpenStack powered Data Center
  • Full set of tools to deliver operable Cloud: 360 degree monitoring, real time alarming, executive dashboard, seamless integration with office systems
  • State-of-the-Art Software Defined Storage solutions over various hardware to accommodate all your legacy hardware, but provide even more resilient data solution and unlimited scalability
  • Comprehensive training to make sure your personnels are confident to operate data center and troubleshoot issues
  • Access to all our upgrading solutions to keep your data centre aligned with the best of the industry
  • Access remote supports and onsite supports to be worry free in daily operations

Hosted Cloud and Managed service

Managed Services is the way that we will build and operate a data centre on behalf the customer

  • Dedicated cloud on your physical sites or co-location service provider on your choice
  • Dedicated cloud on our strategical partner co-location sites
  • Access our partnered co-location sites including South of China region (Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou), as well local Ottawa
  • Access the best price of co-location with our strategical partner provider
  • 24x7 Tier 1 Service
  • Design, Install, operate, upgrade and troubleshooting will be carried out by our team
  • Necessary training for enterprise to successfully start business on
  • Support on workload migration to IntOS Cloud

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Professional Service

Based on extensive background on all major cloud solutions, our services include:

  • Bare-metal Data Center design: networking, storage, computer and container;
  • Customize GUI and other operability features
  • We provide full access of intOS integration and packaging technologies to customer on demand
  • Life cycle upgrading to modern upstream version
  • Big Data, and Container Service Architecture and Platform
  • Research or Proof of Concept in our community cloud
  • Professional service on workload migration to IntOS OpenStack, AWS, Azure and other public cloud
  • Infrastructures and Applications Security
  • Roadmap-Plan-Estimate
  • Process and digital transformation

End User Benefits

  • Advanced cloud services: Compute, Storage, networking
  • Orchestration and automation by Heat
  • Expedited adoption of new applications: Container, Big data and AI by Spark and Hadoop, LB, Firewall
  • The best API to support development

Cost Benefits

  • The best potential to pass cost-saving benefits to customer, by owning full intellectual property of all software
  • The nature of Open Source, so we gain benefits from community and find the way to pass the same to customers
  • Validated and tested features to delivery, so guaranteed success on very first place

Operation Benefits

  • End2end solutions to ensure operation ready, production ready, and seamless integration of all
  • Always over-engineered High Availability and reliability
  • Design for failure and design for operation
  • Stay forefront to support your roadmap evolving


Best Technical Solution

ComputingStack invests on R&D of the best data centre technologies, and adopts the best frameworks of the industry in terms of cloud management, storage, and cloud managements, plus extra comprehensive engineering by ComputingStack

Mature frameworks, such as OpenStack is deemed as the most innovative ecosystem in today's cloud industry, and over 50% percent Fortune 500 business adopted OpenStack in production. It is prospected to be the center of enterprise innovation in next 10 years frame, on IoT, AI, Big Data, HPC etc.


Best Business Solution

Our Innovative Business model, such as turn-key project to E2E facilitate business operation of an enterprise, and on-purpose chosen co-location service provider partners will provide the best price for those medium customer in looking for hosting solution. Various training designed to ensure a smooth business operation

We work to be a strategical partner of an modern enterprise by providing future-proof technologies, to sustainably support your product road-maps.


IntOS OpenStack and other series of Data Center Solutions are built over a bunch of communities technologies! ComputingStack holds firm belief that the community and openness are the way to drive the best solutions and the way to drive affordable price. Our momentums have been and will continue to be rooted in open technologies.

Proudly we are part of those communities and constantly contribute to: